As you may or may not have heard, we as a region have decided on a region-wide vision and goal, to focus on our capital cities with the aim at seeing YWAM established in each of them. Why? The quick answer is, "because God said so".

Capital cities are the nerve center and heart of a nation. These cities have the majority of leading institutions where decisions are being made, and where large amounts of people congregate.

We are finally picking up the battle to re-pioneer YWAM in Lithuania. This November we will gather our resources and focus our eyes on Vilnius, the last capital in the region where YWAM has never had a team or permanent presence. This will be a significant event.

We will start with a meeting on Monday, Nov 24th at 18.00 and end at 14.00 on Wednesday, Nov 26th.
If you are part of the YWAM NE council, you will start at Nov 23rd at 18:00.

Additional option:
To fellowship with the pastors and leaders in the nation, we recommend that YWAM leaders consider to participate in the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) - which will happen in Vilnius a couple of days before, November 21-22 (get tickets here).

Krivules 12 A

You can either arrange it on your own or join most of us at the Downtown Forest Hostel and Camping (Paupio 31A, Vilnius) which is about 5 min walk from the venue. Just sign up at the registration form and we will make the reservation for you.
Housing at the hostel costs 20 Eur for 2 nights, plus 10 Eur for every extra night.

Important update on housing for those registering after the deadline: The Downtown Forest Hostel is full! Please arrange housing on your own (check or a similar site).

Registration fee: 50 Eur
The price includes one meal a day, coffee breaks and venue, and is payable in Lithuanian Litas (LTL) at the registration.

Registration deadline
By October 25th.

More info: coreteam (at)

Come, let us pray and hear God together for what is on His heart for this great city!


Eye on Vilnius Info

Dates: From Monday, Nov 24th at 18:00 until 14:00 on Wednesday, Nov 26th.
Council members will start on Nov 23rd at 18:00.

Place: 12 a Krivūlės gatvė, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Price: 50 Eur plus housing.

Register before: October 25th.

More info: coreteam(a)