This report number one from the European Leadership Gathering (ELG) in Riga, Latvia (4th – 8th ofFebruary 2013). These are some of the things that have been in focus during the meetings.

The European Leaders Gathering started off with a beautiful presentation of the host nation, Latvia, as a reminder and celebration of the rich diversity we find within the European boarders and also within the YWAM family.


What is God doing in Europe today? What are His thoughts for the nations of Europe? How can YWAM Europe build strategic networks that will stimulate growth and multiplication in order to bring God's kingdom to this continent?

These are some of the questions being asked as 150 YWAM leaders from all over Europe gathers in Riga, Latvia at the European Leaders Gathering (ELG) this week.

"Who is the God that is knocking on your door?" The first night in Riga, Ina Stein draws a picture of Europe in a state of agony. Poverty, prostitution, violence, and a sense of desperation among our neighbours – these are things we are confronted with wherever we are. As we open the door and find God weeping on the other side, how will we respond? Do we really grasp God's broken heart over the present state of Europe? As Stephen Mayers said, God often works in us before He works through us. We are first called to know God.

YWAM Europe needs to adjust to the present times. We need to dream big and reach out in new ways. Like the four men bringing the paralyzed man to Jesus in Mark 2:1-5, we need to be willing to take risks and be a little crazy. We are in danger of becoming too set in our ways. Do we have room for pioneers and evangelists that do things differently? This is the time to challenge our traditions and break out in new ways, knowing that nothing is impossible for God.

In the context of growth and multiplication, we focused on the function of leadership and eldership, and on implementation of the structure model of "Circles, cycles and circuits" that was launched by the international leadership recently.

ELG Media team

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