24 hours of planning and strategizing for UofN Action in Northern Europe.

God has given us an amazing tool that has the potential to equip and unlock an entire new wave of missionaries, and sphere-agents.

Howard Malmstadt, the co-founder of UofN, called our university a mobilizer for missions, and that is our vision - to see more people be further equipped to carry much more fruit in the nations.

Where: Tööstuse 11 basement floor (The YWAM base in Tallinn, Estonia)

When: February 6th beginning at 14.00 and ending on the 7th with lunch.

Price: Food only (this is a tag-on event to the MUCH FRUIT gathering, so please book your accommodation for one extra night).

Who should come:
By invitation only. However, if you have not received an invite and are interested in joining, please contact tove.kp(at)uofn.edu.

To complete a proposed 5 year plan of action, with 5-6 different tracks of passions for students to choose between. A regional track-advertisement strategy. For all of us to leave with a clear understanding of the new UofN Extension program.

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