The YWAM Europe United gathering is a wonderful, once in every 5 years opportunity, where the whole of our YWAM family can get together to celebrate life and ministry together serving God in this amazing region. Like the ancient Israelites used to do, it is good to gather like this once in a while to celebrate all that God is doing amongst us, to tell stories, to remind ourselves of our history, DNA and calling as a mission. But it is also about worship, having fun and eating loads of good food together! God is a God of celebration.

This gathering could be the best ever as we have rented lovely hotels on the beach in Durres, Albania, meeting in a large marquee on the beach itself. Comfortable rooms, good coffee and a reasonable amount of sun.......Jesus at the centre of our celebrations together......why would you want to miss it?!

This gathering is for staff, families, kids, trainees, friends of YWAM, past YWAMers, even your pets if you can get the right visa! It is a family gathering so start saving and make sure you don't miss it! Plus, there is option to pay extra and stay longer for a mini holiday in the hotel with your friends and family afterwards.

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