You are invited to join us in an outreach to Vilnius this April 27th - May 3rd.

During the "Eye on Vilnius" God encouraged us to prioritize extended prayer for the city, doing more research and to minister hope to the believers and the society in general. Vilnius is a meeting place - and a gateway - between "east and west". This was confirmed at the Eye on event in November and reconfirmed during the Area Circle Team meeting at Restenäs last week. YWAM is also called to assist in the reconciliation for the broken past - during the war time and the following years. In the present conflict in Ukraine, Vilnius is a key capital to seek unity with the broader body of Christ.

Two YWAM bases, and two YWAM leaders, are committed to long term pioneering in Lithuania. That phase of the effort will come into action the coming Fall.

What you can expect in April / May:

- We have not been able to organize any common place for teams to sleep or eat, which means that every team has to take care of themselves: order their accommodation on the internet or through local contacts and cook or buy their own meals.

YWAM leadership will provide a meeting place in the Old Town for prayer and teaching every day and support the teams to reach out into the city. We are going into unplowed territory for YWAM and we will have to minister on a basic level: seeking God for the city, connecting with Christians and non-Christians - preparing the ground for those who will come in and do the long-term pioneering.

We have contacts established in the city and some positive credit from the last event. But it is still unclear how much the churches will involve us in their activities. Things might change though, as we seek God in prayer and continue the communication towards the outreach week. And it is exciting - and probably also appropriate - to work on the ground level in this phase.

If you as a team are convinced that God is speaking to you about investing in Vilnius - and prepared to take full responsibility for accommodation and food yourself, please register your team as soon as possible. We need to know the following:

1. Where are you planning to live in Vilnius?
2. What day are you arriving and when do you leave?
3. How many people are you?
4. What do you sense that God wants you to do in the city?

Respond to this email address: terjek(a)
Contact us if you have questions or need more information.

On behalf of YWAM Northern Europe

Terje Konradsen

A conference for all YWAM'ers who are fighting Human Trafficking and prostitution in Europe. Or for those who have a desire to see a work starting or searching for a place to get pluged in.

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VilniusOver sixty people Three days. One great city. Our only agenda… Hearing Gods voice together for the future of YWAM in Lithuania.

Most of us stayed in a lovely hostel just up the road from the venue. As we landed on the runway surrounded by snow, my Australian brain went completely child-like. I would constantly point at the snow and take photos of the snow. And giggle about the snow. Which was the start of a very child-like group of days. We had times of worship and prayer and sharing. We heard from pioneers from Brazil and Romania and Latvia and other ex soviet states. We heard God continue to put more and more puzzle pieces into place, giving us more of the picture of whats next.

We had meetings about schools in cozy restaurants. We climbed a giant hill with a fortress on top after walking through a museum about the history of the surrounding regions. We heard of amazing ministries going on in the young people of this city and some of us even walked some streets to pray and find where to start an outreach to women in prostitution.

It was exciting, exhausting, eye opening and encouraging to partner with the creator of this world in strategically planning for missions and missions training in the area. Eye on Vilnius was an incredible time of fellowship, new friendships, new ideas, and new intimacies with a father who loves us and loves the people of Lithuania.

In early 2015 we are planning an outreach – Feet in Vilnius. Where we will bring many teams in to partner with the local body of Christ to get involved in street evangelism, worship and prayer.

Please join us, both physically and also in prayer. God is continuing to put his great plans for Vilnius in motion and we feel to be involved in them.

Jeremy, YWAM Restenäs

The six-week Worldview seminar (ex.TTI) course will encourage you to become a multidimensional thinker – one who learns from a Biblical perspective how to perceive, process and express a variety of viewpoints on contemporary, personal and social issues. The core of the teaching is the Old Testament Template which looks at the Biblical role and functions of the spheres and domains in our societies. You'll learn a critical thinking model that gives foundations on how to think and process the issues which the world faces today. In addition, you'll be equipped by a leadership communication tool which will help you to understand the intrapersonal dynamics that influence your thinking.

This six-week course – which is accredited by the Universtiy of the Nations – is led by The Template Institute.   Dr. Matt Rawlins from the USA will teach the subject of “Leadership Communication” week 3 of the seminar.  International Bible teacher Landa Cope, who is also The Executive Director of The Template Institute, will be teaching during weeks 4 and part of week 5.  The student is required to work at a mature level of self-motivation, initiative and emotional stability.

 "Going into the Worldview seminar with Landa Cope, I had no expectations outside of getting my perspective of God and His world absolutely rocked. Those expectations were blown out of the water!  The speakers and staff took us on a journey with God that opened my eyes to blank spots in my own worldview that made no sense. I also became aware of the cultural blinders that disabled me from interacting to my full potential. We read a lot of scripture, watched movies and discussed the implications of the perspectives expressed within the story lines. We had times of meditating on God’s goodness and  power, and on what He wants to do IN us.  Amazing friendships were made – a journey began that won’t end for a long time – that of laying down my 2d perspective on a dimension-free God and his love of people."
Jeremy , Australia 

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 Learning the biblical basis + understanding the obstacles + defining your vision = confidence to invite financial partnership.

A workshop to help you learn:
• the biblical foundation of finances.
• the spiritual nature of living on support.
• the obstacles and how to overcome them.
• how to define and communicate the vision.

This is a hands-on workshop ‐ you'll have assignments both before and during. They'll ensure you get the most from your time here.
You'll be sent them after we've received your registration.

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