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Here is an amazing opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission and go to "the ends of the earth".

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What is the purpose of engineering, what is the meaning of being a nurse, what does God want you to do as an entrepreneur?

As Christians we believe that God is the God of all and creator of this earth. But do we know how His principles apply in our everyday lives?

We are inviting you, a Christian student or young professional, to the round 2 of the Baltic Salt, this time in Tallinn.

We will hear about what does God have to say about business, education, science & technology, government, family, church, arts, and communication. You will learn about Biblical values and worldview. And there will be different workshops, breakout sessions and time to connect with people in your field.

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Are you looking for a way to multiply a skill into a UofN school, intensive or extensive course?

Welcome to the UofN WORKshop!
Earlier this year a number of us met for a UofN Think-Factory time with Markus Steffen in Tallinn. We believe it was encouraging to everyone, hearing from the President of UofN. He opened many new doors for us, on how the UofN is not just for those who have completed a DTS, but it exists to impact the thousands of people in our local churches through Extension Courses.

We believe it is time to expand the impact of the amazing teachings God has given us in YWAM - and that is why we are having this UofN workshop. To find ways of being more generous in multiplying what we have and stretch for what we need to be more fruitful in this generation.

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There is a growing awareness throughout YWAM that God is releasing a second wave of YWAMers into His purposes for people and nations. Our DTSs throughout the world play a significant role in this release. And you, as DTS staff and leaders are part of that release!

Are you ready for ...

  • Fresh perspective on the DTS foundations, curriculum and process? 
  • Renewed vision for the impact of the DTS in and through the student? 
  • Time to create with God in an atmosphere of worship and prayer? 
  • A broader exposure to YWAM ministries worldwide? 
  • A better understanding of your own development as a leader?

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In June 2013 we experienced God speaking to us that He wants to see YWAM established in Åland, and that time is now...

During the weekend in May, we acquaint ourselves with Åland and with each other, and we seek God's will and guidance for YWAM in Åland through worship, prayer, sharing and conversations.
The Vision Weekend is open for anyone interested.

See here for more info

Welcome along!
Tiina and Zacharias Fjellander
Turku, YWAM Finland