As you may or may not have heard, we as a region have decided on a region-wide vision and goal, to focus on our capital cities with the aim at seeing YWAM established in each of them. Why? The quick answer is, "because God said so".

Capital cities are the nerve center and heart of a nation. These cities have the majority of leading institutions where decisions are being made, and where large amounts of people congregate.

We are finally picking up the battle to re-pioneer YWAM in Lithuania. This November we will gather our resources and focus our eyes on Vilnius, the last capital in the region where YWAM has never had a team or permanent presence. This will be a significant event.

We will start with a meeting on Monday, Nov 24th at 18.00 and end at 14.00 on Wednesday, Nov 26th.
If you are part of the YWAM NE council, you will start at Nov 23rd at 18:00.

Additional option:
To fellowship with the pastors and leaders in the nation, we recommend that YWAM leaders consider to participate in the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) - which will happen in Vilnius a couple of days before, November 21-22 (get tickets here).

Krivules 12 A

You can either arrange it on your own or join most of us at the Downtown Forest Hostel and Camping (Paupio 31A, Vilnius) which is about 5 min walk from the venue. Just sign up at the registration form and we will make the reservation for you.
Housing at the hostel costs 20 Eur for 2 nights, plus 10 Eur for every extra night.

Important update on housing for those registering after the deadline: The Downtown Forest Hostel is full! Please arrange housing on your own (check or a similar site).

Registration fee: 50 Eur
The price includes one meal a day, coffee breaks and venue, and is payable in Lithuanian Litas (LTL) at the registration.

Registration deadline
By October 25th.

More info: coreteam (at)

Come, let us pray and hear God together for what is on His heart for this great city!


We are again looking forward to a time where the Lord will reveal Himself to a whole city. We already know of many people from many nations that are applying for this adventure. The word for this time is "We do not want to come with nice words, but with the demonstration of the power of God". 

Apply here

24 hours of planning and strategizing for UofN Action in Northern Europe.

God has given us an amazing tool that has the potential to equip and unlock an entire new wave of missionaries, and sphere-agents.

Howard Malmstadt, the co-founder of UofN, called our university a mobilizer for missions, and that is our vision - to see more people be further equipped to carry much more fruit in the nations.

Where: Tööstuse 11 basement floor (The YWAM base in Tallinn, Estonia)

When: February 6th beginning at 14.00 and ending on the 7th with lunch.

Price: Food only (this is a tag-on event to the MUCH FRUIT gathering, so please book your accommodation for one extra night).

Who should come:
By invitation only. However, if you have not received an invite and are interested in joining, please contact

To complete a proposed 5 year plan of action, with 5-6 different tracks of passions for students to choose between. A regional track-advertisement strategy. For all of us to leave with a clear understanding of the new UofN Extension program.

Every year there is either an all-European Leadership Gathering, or a regional one. YWAM is international and we are supposed to work and hear God together. To meet as leaders and exercise eldership together is essential in everything we do. We also want to mirror what God is doing among us, to strengthen each other and to shape and sharpen our common future. We want to mirror to ourselves what God is doing among us. Your observation is essential!

This year the gathering will be a regional one and we are welcoming you to the Tallinn Gathering 2014 for Leaders in YWAM.

Much Fruit

Partnering & Pioneering", "Expand" - "Growth & Multiplication" have been the headlines for the last leadership events in YWAM Europe. Now we start to believe for a harvest. As Jesus said: "..and you will bear MUCH FRUIT...fruit that will last" (John 15,8+16)

- Why are we planting new teams in old European cities, believing for expansion, if there is not much to expect? Every organism God has created has a certain potential. Much Fruit is what we can expect as the team we plant, the people we work with - reach their full potential.

It will be also four years since we last met in Tallinn - believing for a new start of YWAM in Estonia. In 2010 there was no committed workers, no staff to welcome us, but today we have 10 staff living in two Estonian cities: Tallinn and Tartu. There is also an international DTS going on in the capital. We have a lot to thank God for!

Read more: 03-06.02 2014 Northern European Leaders Gathering