June 2-14 in Grimerud, Norway:

DNA Infusion is a two-week YWAM leadership event for you to get a hold of Youth With A Mission's "DNA" and better equip you in leading us into the future according to the ways of God.

We will consider God's words to YWAM, and the values and principles of our unique calling, making sure that these remain the foundations for all we become. "DNA" refers to these genetics of our "mission tribe", which are essential for YWAM to continue multiplying healthily. As well as our YWAM DNA, every leader must have personal character and a biblical understanding of leadership.

DNA Infusion is led by Darlene Cunningham, YWAM's co-founder. Whenever possible, Loren will join her. David Hamilton, University of the Nation's Vice President for Strategic Innovation, has served over 30 years in YWAM leadership, pioneering and innovation. He and Darlene will share most of the teaching.



Darlene Cunningham will share very practical wisdom. She will focus on Jesus – the perfect model for leadership – in very down-to-earth ways. She will always point to God's faithfulness. She understands the lifestyle, pressures and joys of the mission from the inside. Darlene is a people-developer and calls forth the gifts in individuals.

David Hamilton provides insight into the "big picture" of missions, along with strategies to reach every creature and disciple nations. A man of faith, he is the innovator of mission tools such as 4K, Uniskript and the SourceView Bible.

DNA Infusion will seek to function under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The Cross of Jesus will be central to all that takes place, and the Bible will be our textbook!

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ELG13 // 04 from YWAM Latvia on Vimeo.

The European Leaders Gatherning (ELG) was a great gathering of YWAMmers from all over Europe. Check out the last video update above. Check out the reports, pictures and the videoblog.

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Our goal is to recruit five teams partnering with five churches in Helsinki to be a great blessing for the churches and to see many lives in Helsinki touched by God.

Please contact us asap if you feel prompted by the Spirit to come. We are not trying to mobilize as many people as possible, but to find five teams who will serve the churches and the city during the Capital Outreach Week. Individuals are encouraged to join one of the five teams.

The churches we will be working with and the ministry opportunities are:

1. Tuomiokirkko / Agricolan kirkko (Lutherian Church at downtown Helsinki)
(Team size: 5-8 persons)
- promote the cafe the church is running
- make video interviews
- share testimonies in the church

2. Lähetysseurakunta (Mission church at downtown Helsinki, Pentecostal)
- reaching out at the walking street that is next to the church
- practical construction work
- and more

3. Free church (Downtown Helsinki)
- Prayer meeting
- "Soup Church"
- Prayer meeting & Youth Alpha at a highschool
- Giving out coffee at streets, reaching out

4. Saalem (Biggest Pentecostal Church in Finland, about 5 min. away from downtown)
- Help out with preparing for a evangelism-event during the weekend with Tony Anthony from UK.
- Kids action night
- reaching out during the week

5. Suur-Helsingin seurakunta (Suhe, about 5 min. away from downtown)
- GrowUp-house, hanging around with immigrant-kids
- Injustice Team - giving out presents & flowers at Thai-massage stores
- Giving out coffee at streets
- Event for local mothers & kids
- Outreach on the Suhe Street
- Prayer station
- Other outreach and serving opportunities


For more information , contact either

Roope Laukkonen: roope(a)laukkonen.net
Kyrre Hovde: kyrre.hovde(a)gmail.com
Terje T. Konradsen: terjek(a)mac.com

About 30 participants descended upon Helsinki with the intent of networking, seeking the Lord, and picking up strategic tools to reach the cities, whilst at the same time encouraging the current pioneering team in Finland's capital. Those giving input came from near and far, with local pastor and councillor Antero "Mooses" Laukkanen inspiring us on with a word of faith and giving us more insight into the greater region of Helsinki (including Espoo and Vantaa).

Tim Svoboda, the Urban Missions director internationally for YWAM, gave invaluable input in living in and reaching the city amid all its complexities.

We believe all who attended left with something to take back and chew on in regards to reaching their own cities, and trust that the Helsinki YWAM team also were left highly encouraged and motivated to keep moving forward strategically.

YWAM Helsinki currently consists of Kyrre (Norway), Sini (Finland) and Adeline (baby) Hovde; Mary Chocawcaw (Philippines). Josh Navis (USA) plans to join the team in 2013, and the Lemmetti family- Jonathan (Australia), Hanna (Finland) along with their 4 kids are playing a supportive role in this pioneering stage, with Jonathan set to fully join the team in the summer of 2013.

See pictures here

You are invited to:

A unique evening with:

"The Long Day" stories by Margaretha Magnus and Janice Rogers (via skype).
Youth wtih a VISION by Christer,  Movie: "Revolution of love", worship, fellowship, coffee and anniversary cake.

Rooted in the past, vision for tomorrow

40 years ago, Christians met in Copenhagen for "The Long Day" on their way to the Olympics in Munich.

We still believe Loren Cunningham's words from 1972:
"Jesus has set forth a new revolution, a revolution of love that changes man's heart, so that man can truly change his world"

Location: Kristuskirken, Baggesensgade 7, 2200 Kbh. N

Contact: christerandersen87 (a)gmail.com