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A unique evening with:

"The Long Day" stories by Margaretha Magnus and Janice Rogers (via skype).
Youth wtih a VISION by Christer,  Movie: "Revolution of love", worship, fellowship, coffee and anniversary cake.

Rooted in the past, vision for tomorrow

40 years ago, Christians met in Copenhagen for "The Long Day" on their way to the Olympics in Munich.

We still believe Loren Cunningham's words from 1972:
"Jesus has set forth a new revolution, a revolution of love that changes man's heart, so that man can truly change his world"

Location: Kristuskirken, Baggesensgade 7, 2200 Kbh. N

Contact: christerandersen87 (a)

The ancient and exotic Iceland is located like a stepping-stone in between North America and Europe, the most western point of the European continent. Reykjavik is the capital, 62% of the population lives in the greater Reykjavik area, the major regional and national centre of economic and governmental activity.
Since the Second World War, the influence from Great Britain and later USA has been strong, even the historic root of Iceland goes back to the Viking era and the Old Norsemen. Even the culture is ancient; the island itself is volcanic and quit “new” - seen from a global perspective.

The history of YWAM in Reykjavik goes back to 1977-1980 when the movement became a tool for revival and salvations among young people. From 1980 several new church plants in Reykjavik area grew out of YWAM ministry and many Icelanders did DTS’s abroad. In 1987 YWAM Iceland was officially established and many international teams came to minister. After some difficult years, YWAM Iceland was re-pioneered in 2009 by a team from YWAM Heidebeck, Holland.

Loren Cunningham has several times visited Reykjavik and Iceland, once on a 10 days speaking tour, all over the island. Loren loves the volcanic island - he lives on one himself. He is coming to join us for the “Eye on Reykjavik” event and we are excited to invite you from all over the world to join us as we believe God has his eye on the city to see it awake and filled with his glory. Our main objectives is to establish a long term YWAM presence in Reykjavik, disciple young people from Iceland and send them all over the world.

The regional core team in Northern Europe and YWAM Iceland hosts the event. Local churches in Reykjavik will partner with us. There is a DTS in Reykjavik starting in October as well.

If you have a heart and an interest in this arctic treasure and the people there, come and join us for the event! Who knows what God can do and whom He will use for His glory?

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In the end of January over 60 leaders from the Northern Europe region gathered for 4 days of networking, input, and fellowship to let God expand our hearts, minds, and vision.

More coming soon... stay tuned! 

YWAM Northern Europe DTS workshop

08.-13.08 2016


This coming August it is again time for the Northern European DTS workshop. Last time we gathered about 130 DTS staff and leaders in Restenas in Sweden. This year we are welcoming you to the beautiful place of YWAM Ruurikkala.

We really want to create an atmosphere of family amongst the different DTSes in our region, across borders, languages and cultures. And it is with great joy we are now gathering in Finland!

We are starting with the registration Monday afternoon/evening the 8th, and depart from Ruurikkala Saturday the 13th in the morning.


The content of the workshop will be connected to:

  • Outcome and purpose of the DTS
  • Outreach prep
  • Debriefing & Evaluation
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Great worship
  • Intersession
  • Encounters with God 

...and much more.


Come, get equipped and meet other people working with DTS all over the region!


Regional DTS workshop

20.-26.08 Grimerud, Norway


Workshop starts with registration at 18.00 on Monday the 20th.
First gathering will be at 19.30 on Monday evening.

Workshop ends on Sunday the 26th morning with breakfast.

Some of the workshop modules that will be offered:
How to lead an outreach
What is DTS
DISK personality test

...and many more.


Come, get equipped and meet other people working with DTS all over the region!