The international DTS center invites people that are DTS leaders or are in the process of becoming one from all over Northern Europe to a Making Disciple Makers school! at

The training will take place at YWAM Kristiansand Skjærgårdsheimen in Norway from the 9th of April to the 3rd of June 2016.

The school will give you as a DTS leader a significant training in planning, running, and evaluating the DTS for both - the lecture and the outreach phase.

For further information contact

Bjarte Tonheim
DTS convener in Northern Europe.


Holger Schein
MDM school leader

We in YWAM Finland are happy to invite you to a weekend of worship and prayer, where we seek God’s heart for Europe. We are touched by YWAM Denmark’s initiative "Impact Europe" and have felt the Lord’s calling us to play our part in preparing the way spiritually for that campaign, which will take place in May 2016 (for more info about Impact Europe, see

What: A weekend of worship and prayer, focusing on Europe

Where: Lahti, 100 km north from Helsinki. Venue to be confirmed later.

Accommodation: We arrange for the participants of David Assembly to stay with local believers in their homes.

Food: During the weekend we wish to practice the spiritual discipline of fasting. It is, however, perfectly possible to participate in the assembly without fasting, as we will have breaks during which the participants can buy food in nearby grocery stores and restaurants. This also makes it possible for us to arrange the assembly free of charge for the participants.

Registration deadline: January 15th 2016

You are most welcome to join us! More info and registration

 The tools we use in our work or ministry are only as effective as our level of understanding and skill, and this seminar series offers you the opportunity to enhance your level of understanding and skill proficiency, and become an effective instrument in the Master's hands.

Who should consider our two-week intensive seminars?

- Those who have the passion and calling to help others heal, grow, and attain the victory and spiritual freedom found only in Christ.

- Those who want to be equipped with the tools, skills and understanding to do so—regardless of educational background, previous training or experience, and regardless of the particular populations or cultures they serve.

Whether your present mission is counseling, member care, debriefing, working with grief and loss, or working with the victims of trauma, sex trafficking or addictions—or whether your calling is mentoring or leadership, working with marriages and families, conflict resolution or community and group development—we offer you the understanding, the skills and the tools to become effective instruments in the hands of our Master.

Read more here

Click on the picture for full resolution imageAs leaders we are exposed to many challenges and opportunities - but also invitations. "Come to the Table" is an invitation we all can relate to. But what kind of dishes can we expect to be served when we come?

- The pioneering of new YWAM ministries and locations in Europe, responses to the refugee situation, and how the UofN may serve and develop our people, and tools as we face new challenges and opportunities in the spheres of our societies. These are some of the dishes we will serve at the table. As YWAM leaders we are supposed to create new circles, circuits and cycles when God is speaking to us.

Leaders create agendas - prepare for the future. They also appreciate opportunities to contribute and to take ownership of the past, present and future. That´s why we invite you to both enjoy the dishes, and to offer your contribution.

And then Jan Torland says: "I have been thinking about YWAM as a family. My trip to Israel in October opened my eyes to the importance of celebrations and coming together; they celebrated the Shabbat every week and hosted three or four festivals each year. This really built a strong family and identity. And it still does!"

We felt that God led us to convene in Finland this time – and you are invited!

YWAM Finland is an upcoming giant. Come and enjoy, receive, and contribute. Come and recruit.
We're planning an extended time to seek the Lord without any agenda. There will also be fresh YWAM DNA impartation, plus space and room for relationships to be built and strengthened.

This invitation goes out to leaders in Northern Europe, but the table is open for leaders from the East as well. Helsinki is just three hours’ drive from St. Petersburg. So, if you're in Eastern Europe, you are more than welcome at our Leadership Table in Helsinki from February 1st to 4th, 2016.
Come and feast with us at The Table!

The YWAM leaders of Northern Europe (ACT).

Practical info

LOCATION: YWAM Helsinki, Korkeavuorenkatu 22D, Helsinki 00130

1. Conference fee: 20 €

2. Meals & Food:
Four hot meals 50 €
Breakfast included in the accommodation.
Two hot meals will be for extra cost as outing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

3. Accommodation:
- YWAM accommodation, dormitory style: 10€ per night - 3 nights 30 €. This will be either in Vantaa or Espoo, which means an extra cost of 24 € for a 3-day transport card (2 zones). There are limited number of beds.
- Arrange it yourself privately or at,, Airbnb, Omenahotels


The ACT team will stay for one more night to Friday morning.

You also have an opportunity to add the weekend before we meet in Helsinki, and participate in the David Assembly gathering in Lahti, Finland. Read more here.

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You are invited to join us in an outreach to Vilnius this April 27th - May 3rd.

During the "Eye on Vilnius" God encouraged us to prioritize extended prayer for the city, doing more research and to minister hope to the believers and the society in general. Vilnius is a meeting place - and a gateway - between "east and west". This was confirmed at the Eye on event in November and reconfirmed during the Area Circle Team meeting at Restenäs last week. YWAM is also called to assist in the reconciliation for the broken past - during the war time and the following years. In the present conflict in Ukraine, Vilnius is a key capital to seek unity with the broader body of Christ.

Two YWAM bases, and two YWAM leaders, are committed to long term pioneering in Lithuania. That phase of the effort will come into action the coming Fall.

What you can expect in April / May:

- We have not been able to organize any common place for teams to sleep or eat, which means that every team has to take care of themselves: order their accommodation on the internet or through local contacts and cook or buy their own meals.

YWAM leadership will provide a meeting place in the Old Town for prayer and teaching every day and support the teams to reach out into the city. We are going into unplowed territory for YWAM and we will have to minister on a basic level: seeking God for the city, connecting with Christians and non-Christians - preparing the ground for those who will come in and do the long-term pioneering.

We have contacts established in the city and some positive credit from the last event. But it is still unclear how much the churches will involve us in their activities. Things might change though, as we seek God in prayer and continue the communication towards the outreach week. And it is exciting - and probably also appropriate - to work on the ground level in this phase.

If you as a team are convinced that God is speaking to you about investing in Vilnius - and prepared to take full responsibility for accommodation and food yourself, please register your team as soon as possible. We need to know the following:

1. Where are you planning to live in Vilnius?
2. What day are you arriving and when do you leave?
3. How many people are you?
4. What do you sense that God wants you to do in the city?

Respond to this email address: terjek(a)
Contact us if you have questions or need more information.

On behalf of YWAM Northern Europe

Terje Konradsen