Are you looking for a way to multiply a skill into a UofN school, intensive or extensive course?

Welcome to the UofN WORKshop!
Earlier this year a number of us met for a UofN Think-Factory time with Markus Steffen in Tallinn. We believe it was encouraging to everyone, hearing from the President of UofN. He opened many new doors for us, on how the UofN is not just for those who have completed a DTS, but it exists to impact the thousands of people in our local churches through Extension Courses.

We believe it is time to expand the impact of the amazing teachings God has given us in YWAM - and that is why we are having this UofN workshop. To find ways of being more generous in multiplying what we have and stretch for what we need to be more fruitful in this generation.


UofN Workshop desired outcomes:

For all to understand and communicate:
- the UofN
- the new Extension courses
- Intensive weeks

Curriculum Development

Create and launch UofN Northern Europe tracks

Create a PR strategy for communicating the tracks in NE and world.

We will use the tracks identified in Tallinn as a backdrop:

  1. University Foundations Track:
  2. Youth Leaders Track:
  3. Bible & Ministry Track:
  4. (Frontier) Missions Track:
  5. Mercy and Justice Track:
  6. Arts, Sports and Media track:
  7. Leadership Track: DTS, plus weeks of intensives
  8. Family Ministry Track: DTS, plus weeks of intensives

A Northern European UofN Diploma
We would be able to issue a Northern European UofN Diploma for people who complete one of above tracks (1-6) consisting of a DTS + 9 months of other schools / Extensions Courses and 7-8, DTS + Intensives (Extension Courses).

Finally, we will need the communicators to work on the strategic communication of the tracks.
As you may have figured,
August 11 - 16 will not be a "normal" workshop, but a real WORKshop - working together to form something new.

We will have some corporate sessions and times of worship with the DTS workshop, and some of our own, and then break into groups creating tracks and curriculum with support from the crew.

The Crew
Markus and Anita Steffen - baseleaders in Lausanna and President of UofN
Debbie Hicks - working with UofN int. to multiply Core Courses
Allana Hiha - a gifted and creative lady on curriculum development etc
Vimbai Nyandoro - European Registrar of UofN courses
Hans Kristian Sandtorp - working with UofN int.
The Regional Core Team and Council members etc

Who should attend:
Base leaders, Nat. leaders, school crew and others who seek to multiply what they work with. Depending on who shows up for the workshop, will somewhat determine which tracks get launched at the initial phase.
In other words, to see a Family Track launched, we would need to see those working with Family Ministry to form the track.


Come & help to shape the future!

Workshop Info

When: 11th – 16th Aug 2014.
We start with lunch at 12.00 on the 11th, finish in the night on the 15th. 16th is departure day.

Where: Restenäs, Sweden (see map here)

Price: 100 EUR

More info: e-mail to kristin.skaug @

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