Join us on October 13th-20th, or anytime to prayer for our teams and the cities they are laboring in. Please pass this on and let's cover these places with prayer! Below is some info and prayer points from each or our locations! Thanks for standing with us!


YWAM Copenhagen desires to see the people of Copenhagen get discipled through missional communities, and to establish YWAM work in the Capital of Denmark.

Please pray for them
- That God will provide everything they need to get the apartment they are renting fully renovated.
- That God will send more workers. Send the right ones, keep the wrong ones away.
- That all the living arrangements that they need for next year, especially with an SOE (School of Evangelism) outreach team coming, will fall into place.



Our aim is to have discipleship be a part of everyday life and to build God's kingdom in Oslo as we work together with churches, organizations, and individuals.

Bible Night in Oslo

Please pray:
- For people to come to know Jesus as we live as his disciples in the universities, workplaces, and daily routines.
- Wisdom and clarity as we continue to seek God on how to reach the different spheres of society in Oslo, particularly the sphere of the arts.
- Protection, wisdom, and expansion for our different ministries. Namely: Bibel Kveld (Bible Night), Disippel (Disciple), DTS, Mission Adventures, and confirmation work.



YWAM Reykjavik: To Connect, Inspire, Inform.

Prayer Requests:
1. We are running our 3rd DTS here in Reykjavik starting October 9th
2. We have a great need for more long term staff to establish a more long term presence here.
3. Along with more long term staff we would like to establish more relationships with people and groups outside of Iceland because this is such a small place.


YWAM Riga's mission statement: To be a Christ-like community who infuse Biblical principles that transform, disciple and mobilize people to permeate all spheres of society in Riga, Latvia and the nations.


Small Group

Prayer points
- in need of staff to work in areas of hospitality, hosting teams, and administration / logistics.- wisdom and wise counsel as we are restructuring accounting and finance to accommodate expansion of linking former street girls with employment, and other potential business ventures.
- with the recent Baltic Salt event here in Riga, that God would take the seeds planted in the hearts and minds of the students, professionals, and missionaries who attended and begin to build through us a greater network into the spheres. That we would put feet to the ideas and vision the event inspired, and that if would begin to have a deeper impact in the city.



Spreading the gospel of Christ to the people of Stockholm and beyond.


Prayer for Stockholm
- Loneliness/ individualism
- Families (Stockholm is known for its high percentage of one parent families)
- Government ( decisions for the nation are taken in Stockholm)
- Immigrants (Many immigrant come to Stockholm to try to find a living, from within Europe as well as from other continents)
- Unity among churches
- That Christians in Stockholm become active in being followers of Jesus
- Different addictions especially among the youth (drugs, alcohol, food, media etc)

Our team
- More staff ( at the moment we are a very small team)
- Housing for staff
- Support for our staff (we would like to have more staff also from other continents but support is a major problem or them to come or for us to accept them)
- Spiritual protection
- Relationships with churches and other organizations



It is our desire is to see Tallinn and Estonia transformed by God through discipleship and the Word of God. We want to see a great wave of missionaries from Estonia being trained and equipped to pioneer new ministries here and in the nations.


First DTS in Estonia after 10 years of break!

 Please pray for:
- Upcoming local government elections, that the people (especially Christians) would go and vote
- Tallinn is a harbor city & every harbor needs a lighthouse. Pray that Tallinn would become a lighthouse for people coming in and going out to the nations.
- The orphans in the city as they are often suffering from loneliness, depression and rejection.
- For Godly appointments with key people.



Tórshavn is the capital and largest town of the Faroe Islands. And Faroe Islands has the greatest percentage of post DTS graduates per capita in the world & YWAM there desires to see them unite to make a lasting impact on the island.

Pray for:
- A strong YWAM team to be raised up in FO again. Torshavn needs missionaries for evangelism among the youth, prayer ministry and disciple makers.
- For strength and courage for staff working there.


There is presently no team working in Vilnius and no YWAM work in Lithuania.  

Pray for
- a pioneering team to launch a new work in this city.  
- open doors in Vilnius and a fresh vision and strategy to impact this city and the nation.

Thank you for taking this time and praying with us and for us!